your handmade luxury mattress

Every element of your herdysleep mattress is designed and tailor-made by our expert craftspeople to give you unparalleled support and a peaceful slumber. Our mattress
exclusively at Barker & Stonehouse You can now try our herdysleep mattress exclusively inside Barker & Stonehouse stores, find your nearest here. Try in-store
6,000 pocket springs in every mattress Made with over 6,000 pocket springs in a kingsize mattress and hypo-allergenic Herdwick wool, the herdysleep mattress supports your body and regulates your temperature to give you a restful night’s sleep. See what’s inside
100 night
sleep trial
Try our luxury mattress for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home. If it’s not for you, we will give you a full refund and arrange to collect it. Start your trial
responsibly sourced and made At the heart of every herdysleep mattress lies a full Herdwick fleece, responsibly sourced directly from farmers in the Lake District. When you buy a herdysleep mattress, you're helping to support British farmers. How it’s made
all day round
herdy also creates unique and lovable giftware, homeware and accessories made to make you smile and supports sustainable community projects through the herdyfund. Visit Herdy

the herdysleep mattress

Enjoy a naturally peaceful slumber with a herdysleep mattress. With layers of Herdwick wool, 6,000 pocket springs and the artisan craftsmanship of our expert mattress-makers, you’ll wake up feeling supported, comfortable and refreshed. Try it with our 100 night trial today.

  • Luxury Natural Handmade Wool Mattress

    From £649.00
    From £649.00


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