Time For Change

In the UK alone more than 7 million mattresses were disposed of in 2017, with only 19% being recycled.

100% Recyclable

A fully sustainable, glue-free spring system

Using patented fine wire technology, with small, tightly coiled springs, Cortec™ provides better contouring accuracy. A common problem for all existing pocket spring units is that the glue contaminates the pocket cloth, making it difficult to recycle. Because Cortec™ doesn’t use any glue, it can be 100% recycled at the end of its life.

Low Carbon Footprint

From a carbon neutral manufacturer

A Herdysleep mattress is manufactured entirely in the North of England within a 100-miles of where the wool is responsibly sourced for the filling. Our ultimate aim is to take back a Herdysleep mattress at the end of its life and, via a dedicated facility, strip it down to its constituent parts, and feed the materials back into the manufacturing process; eliminating the need for a Herdysleep mattress ever going to landfill.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable sourcing

All foam has been removed from the construction too, as the unique and innovative Cortec™ spring system doesn’t require the additional support that foam would normally provide. Any synthetic, non-woven fabrics used are 100% recyclable. All natural materials used in the mattress are fully recyclable or biodegradable. At the end of its life, a Herdysleep mattress can be mechanically stripped down and fully recycled.