Frequently asked questions about the 100 night sleep trial

The 100 nights trial starts from the day that your mattress is delivered to you.

Not at all. We want you to sleep on the mattress as you usually would so there is no need to keep it in the plastic during the trial.

It is always difficult to tell if a mattress is right for you by lying on it for a couple of minutes in a showroom. With the herdysleep 100 nights trial, you are able to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home! However if you'd like to try it in person first, you can find the Herdy Kendal Shop here.

The 100 night trial covers the herdysleep mattress in all of the standard mattress sizes.

If you decide that the herdysleep mattress is not right for you within the 100 night trial, simply give our customer service team a call. You do not need your receipt but will need to provide details of your original order.

If you decide, during the 100-night trial, that the Herdysleep mattress isn’t for you, then we work with the British Heart Foundation to collect your mattress. They take all the necessary precautions to safely collect your Herdysleep mattress and then clean it for retail in their stores.

Frequently asked questions about Herdysleep

All Herdysleep mattresses start life in the Lake District but are handmade in Yorkshire by luxury bed manufacturers Harrison Spinks. They even design and make our pocket springs and weave the unique chemical-free sleeping fabric all onsite in their workshop.

At Herdysleep we care about the detail, and we’re passionate about making things by hand right here in Britain, using as many British-born materials and British-nurtured skills as we can. As Herdysleep began in the Lake District and wool makes for an excellent mattress filling, responsibly sourcing fleece from friendly local Herdwick sheep was the obvious choice. Herdwick fleece goes into every Herdysleep mattress so each night, as you doze off, you can count the sheep, and the farmers, that you’ve helped support. With all our natural materials in place, including the finest cotton fibres, we turned to expert bed makers Harrison Spinks to handcraft a superior mattress that’s traditionally stitched, tufted, and filled with over 6,750 supportive Herdysleep pocket springs.

Our mattress maker have been crafting mattresses for nearly 180 years, so they know a thing or two about making mattresses. We’ve designed the Herdysleep mattress so that it suits the majority of the population. With over 6,750 innovative pocket springs, the mattress will mould to your individual sleeping profile and provide you with the correct level of support for your body.

Of course, don’t forget we offer a 100 night sleep trial so if you are not 100% satisfied with your Herdysleep mattress, you can return it free of charge.

The Herdysleep mattress is a medium-firm feeling mattress.

Let’s be honest, you can’t really know for sure if a mattress is absolutely right for you after just a few sleeps. It’s a big investment and we want you to be 100% satisfied that you’ve made the right choice. So, sleep on it for up to 100 nights, and if at any point during that time you do not feel it is right for you, we’ll send a courier to collect your Herdysleep mattress free of charge and refund you in full. All we ask is that you give your mattress a chance for at least 30 nights, because if you’ve been sleeping on your previous mattress for the last 10 years it always takes a little time to get used to something new. If you’re still not sure, just contact us on hello@herdysleep.co.uk to arrange a pickup that’s at a time convenient to yourself.

We are so confident that your Herdysleep mattress won’t let you down, we guarantee it for 10 years. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your mattress construction, we’ll repair it or replace it, free of charge.

Click here for more detailed terms and conditions.

The sizes of each of our standard size mattresses are as follows:

  • Single (90cmx190cm)
  • Double (135cmx190cm)
  • Kingsize (150cmx200cm)
  • Super kingsize (180cmx200cm)

Please be aware, as each Herdysleep mattress is handmade, there may be a slight size variation of +/- 2cm.

A Herdysleep mattress is suitable for people of up to 22 stone.

Preferred day delivery via our chosen courier 2-person delivery of the Herdysleep mattress to the room of your choice is free within most areas of the UK*. We use the UK’s leading 2-person home delivery specialist to deliver our goods.

*Please see our Delivery & Returns page for further details.

The courier will require a signature so someone will need to be at home to sign for the delivery.

A Herdysleep mattress has been designed with a single sleep surface, so it doesn’t need to be flipped. However, we do suggest that you rotate your mattress to help the fillings settle evenly. For your added convenience, mattress handles are sewn to the border to assist when rotating.

For the first three months, try to rotate once a month, and after that, twice a year should do the trick. We tend to remember when the clocks go forward and back.

Just like with any new product, don’t panic if you detect a slight odour when opening the product. It’s completely normal with natural fibre mattresses and will fade away in no time at all.

Just like you, your mattress wants to lie down somewhere comfortable and deserves a good quality bed base. Thankfully, the Herdysleep mattress can rest any kind of bed frame or base. If your bed slats are weakened or your frame has seen better days, it can compromise the support of your Herdysleep mattress. Therefore, treat it well, and in return it will reward you with a good night’s sleep so that you can take on the world.

Tip: if you are using a slatted base, make sure the slats are no more than 75mm apart to support your mattress properly.

A Herdysleep mattress is all about being convenient for you and so although it’s packed with a full Herdwick fleece and 6,750 individual Herdysleep pocket springs it is just 30cm deep (from base to crown) so standard sheets should fit just fine.

A mattress protector is a worthy investment as it provides your mattress with an extra layer of protection to ensure it stays clean and fresh. We recommend a wool-filled mattress protector, which will allow your bed to breathe, and ensure you still get the benefits of sleeping on wool.

Even with a mattress protector and sheet in place, dust and fluff will always find a way into your bed, so every few months, grab yourself a brush and sweep it all away. Steer clear of using a vacuum as it dislodges the natural fillings. If there are any accidental spillages on your mattress, just dab them with a dry cloth. If you need something a little more thorough, use mild soapy water and let it air dry fully before you remake your bed.

Of course you can, however, a Herdysleep mattress has a natural sleep surface, which helps to regulate your body temperature. Using an electric blanket adds an additional layer between you and the mattress, which will negate the benefits of sleeping on wool.

All of our mattresses have been rigorously tested both in-house by our expert mattress maker and by the UK mattress regulatory body to pass UK fire regulations, which are the strictest in Europe. Herdysleep mattresses are manufactured by a National Bed Federation (NBF) approved member, having been approved by the NBF’s strict code of practice. This ensures that processes and procedures are in place for supply chain scrutiny and compliance with regulatory requirements, including flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions. Our mattress maker was awarded Bed Manufacturer Of The Year 2015/2016 by the NBF, so we really are working with the very best.

All components comply with UK fire regulations BS7177:2008 Low Hazard for domestic use - the most stringent in the industry.