Follow The Guidelines Below

If you take good care of your mattress it will reward you with a fabulous sleep night after night. It’s guaranteed for 10 years so you can sleep with total peace of mind.

Natural Settlement

As most people sleep in the same position every night, body impressions are a normal feature of handmade mattresses with natural fillings. You may find the surface fillings settle or dip in the area where you sleep, just like the impressions that form on the insole of leather shoes. This is simply your mattress “getting to know you”. We recommend rotating your mattress to minimise body impressions.

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Let Me Breathe

You may detect a natural, woolly scent when opening the packaging. This is completely normal with natural fibre mattresses and will fade away in no time. Make sure your room is well ventilated and allow plenty of air to circulate around your mattress for the first few nights.

Rotate Me

Your Herdysleep mattress has been designed with a one sided sleep surface so it doesn’t need to be flipped. However, we do suggest that you rotate your mattress to help the fillings settle evenly. We recommend rotating your mattress every few days in the first 2 - 3 months. The more you rotate it, the more evenly it will settle. After an initial period of 3 months you will just need to rotate your mattress every 6 months. Be aware this mattress
is heavy and may require two people to rotate it.

Protect Me

A mattress protector is a worthy investment as it provides your mattress with an extra layer of protection to ensure it stays clean and fresh. We recommend the Herdy wool-filled mattress protector, which will allow your bed to breathe, and ensure you still get the benefits of sleeping on wool.

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Clean Me

Even with a mattress protector and sheet in place, dust and fluff will always find a way into your bed. Every few months, gently brush away with a clean hand brush rather than a vacuum as it can dislodge the natural fillings. Dab accidental spillages with a clean, dry cloth. If you need something a little more thorough, use mild soapy water and let it air dry fully before you remake your bed.

I'll Support You

A feature of a natural handmade mattress is that it will adapt to suit the contours of your body and your sleeping profile. This means that you may notice slight body impressions on the surface. Following the rotating guidelines will help to even these out and the individual Herdysleep pocket springs will continue to push back and support you throughout the night.

Treat Me Well

Your Herdysleep mattress can be used with any good quality bed base. However, if your bed slats are weakened or your frame has seen better days, it can compromise the support and longevity of your Herdysleep mattress. If you are using a slatted base, make sure the slats are intact and no more than 75mm apart to support your mattress properly.