let me out

Your herdy®sleep mattress comes in a handy box so it’s easy to carry upstairs and take to your bedroom either in the box or still rolled up in its packaging. We know you’ll be excited, but it’s best to wait until you have it in the right room before you unbox. Be aware, this mattress is heavy and may require two people to unpack and put into position.

position me

Place your rolled-up mattress onto your bed base so there’s plenty of space for it to open out fully.

roll me out

Using the cutter provided, carefully score the layers of protective packaging. Do not use scissors or a knife as these could damage the mattress. The herdy®sleep faces should be looking up at the ceiling rather than towards the bed base, so before you let the mattress fully unroll, make sure you can see they’re facing the right way.

let me rest

The very best mattresses need to be left for 24 hours for their natural fillings to recover back into place, so try to resist the temptation to jump straight into bed.

rotate me

A herdy®sleep mattress has been perfectly designed, layered with bouncy herdy®sleep pocket springs and resilient Herdwick wool, so it doesn’t need to be flipped. However, we do suggest that you rotate your mattress to help the fillings settle evenly. For the first three months, try to rotate once a month, and after that, twice a year should do the trick. We tend to remember when the clocks go forward and back.

protect me

A mattress protector is a worthy investment - it provides your mattress with an extra layer of protection to ensure it stays spick and span. Always opt for a mattress protector with natural fillings so your bed can breathe.

clean me

Even with a mattress protector and sheet in place, dust and fluff will always find a way into your bed, so every few months, grab yourself a brush and sweep it all away. Steer clear of using a vacuum as it dislodges the natural fillings. If there are any accidental spillages on your mattress, just dab them with a dry cloth. If you need something a little more thorough, use mild soapy water and let it air dry fully before you remake your bed.

I’ll support you

Another lovely feature of a natural, handmade mattress is that it will adapt to suit the contours of your body and your sleeping profile. This means that you might notice slight body impressions on the surface. Following the rotating guidelines will help to even these out and the individual herdy®sleep pocket springs will continue to push back and support you throughout the night.

treat me well

Just like you, your mattress wants to lie down somewhere comfortable and deserves a good quality bed base. If your bed slats are weakened or your frame has seen better days, it can compromise the support of your herdy®sleep mattress. Therefore, treat it well, and in return it will reward you with a good night’s sleep so that you can take on the world.