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meet the herdysleep craftsmen

Our herdysleep mattress makers have decades of experience and it’s down to their expert skills that our mattress is so snuggle-worthy. Meet the team and learn a bit more about what they get up to!

things to do in the Lake District this Easter

Boasting both the highest mountain in England and the deepest body of water, the Lake District is an area of extremes. There’s a lot to experience in the Lake District and with the long Easter bank holiday just a few weeks away, now seems like a good time to go exploring.

natural ways to get a good night’s sleep

We almost don’t have to tell you how important sleep is to our daily routine, as it largely dictates how we feel when we’re awake, so we thought that we’d share our top tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.

hardy Herdwicks embrace the cold

We have often wondered how our Herdwick sheep cope given how cold it gets on the fells, so we’ve decided to delve into the historical roots of the Herdwick sheep to explain how they’re so hardy.

5 tips for taking care of your mattress

If you look after it, your mattress can last for up to a decade and still maintain the same level of comfort from the first day it arrived on your doorstep. Read our 5 tips about how to take care of your mattress.