posted - 13.06.2017

why it’s important to support British manufacturing

You’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing is made in the UK these days; we hear so much about big British businesses using overseas factories to cut costs. However, what’s less spoken about is that many companies have brought their manufacturing back to Britain, which is music to our ears!

The carbon footprint is small

If you’re particularly conscious of your impact on the environment then you may be aware of the carbon footprint of the products you buy. You’ll know that when you buy items that are manufactured abroad, the transportation process to ship goods back to the UK produces harmful carbon emissions. Sometimes raw materials are even sent abroad to be returned in their final state, doubling the effect.

In comparison, British-made products don’t have to travel as far to be processed, assembled or sold, softening the impact of their footprint on the environment.

Environmental considerations aside for a second, the reduced cost of transport also helps make buying British more affordable. Our wool comes from the Lake District and our mattresses are manufactured a short drive away in Yorkshire, so we can keep our transportation costs to a minimum. We also collect the wool directly from the farm, allowing the farmers to focus on shepherding.

The supply chain is more transparent

When the supply chain is transparent, you can see whether the product that you’re buying is ethical. You can see whether the material is sourced morally and the labourers paid fairly. A company manufacturing in the UK must comply to certain workplace regulations, so you can trust that the conditions are good and the workers are happy.

Here at herdysleep, we produce our mattress almost entirely in the north of England. Our mattress experts make our springs, our chemical-free sleep surfaces and hand-tufted in-house, and we source the Herdwick wool ourselves, so we’re confident that our supply chain is responsible and ethical. We also pride ourselves on paying our Herdwick farmers a fair price for their wool; only right for producing our prized mattress component.

Britain’s economy is given a boost

When you purchase products that are made in Britain, you are contributing to the success of a British business and quite often, British craftsmanship. This means the business is given the chance to grow, creating more jobs and development opportunities for local people. In turn, they have money to spend within the country, giving the economy a boost.

By supporting British manufacturing, you are helping to promote a future in which these businesses can thrive.

Britain’s bed industry is booming

The bed industry in Britain is strong, owing to there being a multitude of UK-based bed and mattress manufacturers. We’re at the forefront of innovation and development – Britain really is the best place to buy a bed!

Britons invented the pocket spring and are masters of traditions like tufting and hand side-stitching. We’re constantly updating and developing our methods and materials to ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

The beds produced in Britain are also some of the safest in the world, complying with the highest standards of fire and safety regulations.

How do you support British manufacturing? Is it with a British bed or something else? Let us know on Twitter @herdysleep.