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posted - 16.07.2019

The best sleep and well-being retreats in the UK

From restorative treatments to tailor made wellness programmes to suit you, it’s no wonder more and more of us are ditching our hectic travel plans in favour of the ‘healthy holiday revolution’. With so many programmes on offer, we’ve narrowed down some of our favourite retreats to help you boost your wellness needs.

1. Sleep – Champneys Sleep Retreat, Hertfordshire

Champneys Spa | Photo © Champneys

This two-night Sleep retreat, located at the Champneys Spa Tring, Hertfordshire, is perfect for anyone looking to tackle sleep problems and leave feeling refreshed. Led by sleep expert Jason Ellis, the retreat offers six sleep treatment sessions and a handbook on how to continue getting your best night’s sleep at home, as well as an aromatherapy massage and access to the spa facilities.

2. Pilates and Yoga – Your Ideal Fit, West Lexham

Lucy Mills | Photo @ M.D.Lewis

If you’re looking for a break to kick start your fitness journey, Your Ideal Fit offers retreats aimed at strengthening and restoring your body. Held over a long weekend, the programmes are led by passionate instructor Lucy Mills, and combine morning and afternoon pilates sessions with wellness workshops and 3 plant-based meals each day, taking a mindful approach to physical development.

3. Walking – Sharpham House, Devon

The Sharpham Estate | Photo © Sharpham

For those looking for something a little more active, a Sharpham Trust walking retreat could be your ideal break.  With a number of idyllic footpaths and routes to explore around Dartmoor, Devon’s coast and the Sharpham Estate, you’ll be spoilt for choice during your stay at the Grade 1-listed Georgian mansion. The walks average 7-8 miles, and are complimented with mindfulness teachings and meditation practices to truly help you unwind.

4. Mindfulness/Meditation – Gaia House, Devon

Offering silent meditations that follow the Buddhist tradition, Gaia House makes the perfect retreat for those searching for a little peace and quiet. Guided by experienced Dharma teachers, the sessions aim to deepen meditative calm and insight, encouraging guests to commit to maintaining silence throughout the retreat. At the end of their stay, guests attending a group retreat are invited to engage in discussion and reflect upon their experience.

5. Digital detox – Time To Log Off

If you find yourself spending hours mindlessly scrolling through your phone, or overwhelmed by media and technology, it could be time to ditch the screens and attend a Time To Log Off, Digital Detox Retreat. The retreats are the perfect chance to leave digital devices behind, allowing guests to appreciate the world around them, focus on meaningful social interaction and create a healthy relationship with technology.

6. Healthy Eating – Jiva Healing, Wiltshire

With tailored detoxes to suit you, Jiva Healing Retreats focus on nutrition to leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired to live a healthier lifestyle. The retreats offer an array of programmes, including Juice Fasting, Creative Cooking and Healthy Eating, with healthy meals, nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations included. During the stay, guests will also participate in yoga sessions aimed at cleansing and purifying both the body and mind.