Bedtime stories
posted - 31.05.2017

5 bed linen trends for the summer

Our bedrooms are our haven of privacy and relaxation, but away from view of visitors, they’re often the last to get TLC or a revamp. Many studies have shown that bedroom decor can affect the quality of sleep, so it’s time to unwind in style and give your bedroom a little lift! Changing up your linen is a simple and low-cost method of updating the look and feel (and it’s perfect for renters too), allowing you to make a statement without painting the walls or buying new furniture. We’ve pulled together some of the latest bedding trends to help inspire your next bedroom makeover!

Hotel Chic

If we had it our way, our bedrooms would look as chic as a boutique hotel every day. We can’t all afford the luxury furnishings that make up a 5* retreat, but there is a quick and easy way to get that coveted hotel look in your bedroom. Beautifully crisp, white bedding.

A high thread count and a subtle pattern or texture, along with a herdysleep mattress and some plump pillows, and you’ve got yourself a hotel chic bed that you won’t want to leave.

Complement with a couple of scatter cushions, dramatic statement lamps and symmetrical bedside tables for that ultimate luxe effect.

Crumpled Linen

For a more subdued and laid back approach, linen is perfect. Wrinkly, casual and textured, an unmade bed looks intentional when you have a linen bed set. Available in muted tones, linen is ideal if the thought of bright colours or stark whites in the bedroom gives you a headache. It’s moody and comforting, and works well with both light and dark decor.

Layer your linens in different, but complementary colours. Think variations of grey and blush in your bottom and top sheets, duvet cover and pillows. Combine with clean lines, greenery and industrial details for a sophisticated look.

Over the Top Cosy

Hygge is a trend that has swept the nation over the past year. With a focus on wellbeing, intimacy and cosiness, this Danish trend is one that is seemingly perfect for the bedroom.

Go for neutral tones and make sure that you layer on the throws and the cushions. Mix up the textures, keeping it rustic and tonal. Think oversized knits, faux sheepskin or faux fur and a little bit of linen too.

A candle’s warm glow is an absolute must for a cosy bedroom, along with a comforting scent. Banish tech and introduce lots of wood, plants and cut flowers to enjoy a natural, peaceful oasis!

Tropical Prints

Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Greenery’ and combined with the flamingo fun populating shopfronts at the moment, it seems that tropical style bedding is on trend. Keep your eyes peeled for banana leaf prints, green-based patterns or animal prints for a lively jungle theme.

If you think flamingo-print bedding might make your bedroom a bit too bright and stimulating, go for plain pinks and greens and add the tropical element through plants like monstera and palms.

Mixed Patterns

New York Fashion Week featured lots of mixed patterns last year and the trend hasn’t just been seen on high street mannequins. Home interior styles tend to draw from fashion, so it’s no wonder that we’re seeing it in the bedroom too.

Mixing patterns can seem a bit daunting, but as long as you’re clever with your contrasting it’ll look great. For instance, you could have blue floral bedding and pair it with cushions or a throw in the same colour palette but with a pattern contrast like dots or stripes (think Cath Kidston). Continue the theme in lampshades, curtains, rugs and artwork, and you’ll have successfully nailed the mixed patterns trend.

What’s your favourite bed linen trend at the moment? Are you more hygge or tropical? Mixed patterns or white all the way? Let us know on Twitter @herdysleep!