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Why do we dream?

The human brain is a mysterious thing; it has for generations and will continue to do so leave many questions unanswered.

Winter with the Herdwicks

Cold rain, bitter wind and up to -10 degrees in the snow. This is winter for the herds of sheep that provide us with their wool for our mattresses. Find out more about what the Herdwicks are up to this season.

7 things to do in the Lake District this Christmas

The Lake District is just as beautiful in winter as it is in summer, some may even argue more so. Perfect for a Christmas time visit, there’s nothing better than snow-topped fells and cosy fires to get you feeling festive! Here are our top events for the Christmas period.

Win a Herdy Knitting Pack

We’re giving one lucky reader everything they need to knit themselves some irresistable herdy goodies this November. Keep yourself cosy and warm with our woolly winter giveaway!