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wake up with a smile

luxury pocket sprung wool mattress

6,000 pocket spring mattress

providing an unparalleled level of support

it’s better to sleep naturally

handmade with natural materials

it’s convenient for you

bed in a box delivered to your door

it's responsible

supporting a sustainable rural economy

born in the Lake District

lovingly handmade in Yorkshire

it’s better to sleep naturally

it’s better to sleep naturally...

A full fleece lies at the heart of every one of our luxury wool mattresses, each one responsibly sourced from our flock of Herdwick sheep. Wool’s naturally soft and springy fibres make it the ideal choice for a natural mattress filling. Not only does wool spring back into shape to provide a soft, even surface, it naturally regulates heat, keeping you cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Our locally sourced wool is blended with cotton and cashmere to create the cosiest and most comfortable filling available for our luxurious handmade mattresses. By using an entire wool fleece in every one, our luxury mattresses help you to sleep naturally, every night.

health benefits

health benefits

Unlike memory foam, our wool mattresses naturally regulate temperature, helping you to get a restful night’s sleep. And because Herdwick wool is hypo-allergenic, a herdy®sleep mattress can help you achieve a healthy, natural sleep.

Packing up to 6,000 bespoke pocket springs into each mattress allows the sleep surface to adjust perfectly to support every part of your body. By using our unique pocket springs topped with soft, breathable wool, herdy®sleep offers a luxury mattress that helps you to sleep naturally.

natural materials


You can’t always know if a mattress is absolutely right for you after just a few sleeps. A premium mattress is an investment for the future, and we want you to be 100% satisfied that you’ve made the right choice, so, sleep on it, sleep some more, and sleep again. If after 100 nights you’re unconvinced, we’ll collect your herdy®sleep mattress free of charge and refund you in full.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for full guarantee details.

spring technology

spring technology

Natural materials and traditional techniques are only part of the herdy®sleep story. We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading bedmakers to create the UK’s first handmade, luxury mattress that is delivered as a convenient bed in a box. This means you get all the support and comfort of a luxury pocket sprung mattress in a compact package.

We’ve layered over 6,000 of our unique herdy®sleep pocket springs into each king size mattress, creating a responsive and supportive surface that offers all the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress in a handmade wool mattress. This provides unparalleled levels of support for your whole body, encouraging healthy, natural sleep in a bed that is always adapting to suit you.

hand made artisan skills

hand made artisan skills

herdy®sleep is the only mattress that provides the quality and comfort of a traditional handmade mattress delivered as a convenient ‘bed-in-a-box’. Every one of our luxury pocket sprung mattresses is traditionally side-stitched, hand tufted and tape-edged with a naturally chemical-free sleep surface, offering the best quality and comfort in a convenient package.

Each step in the process is completed by expert craftspeople in the heart of Yorkshire, where our team hand tuft each diamond-quilted mattress to make sure everything is sandwiched securely together before topping it off with a woolly toggle. Our expert mattress makers then hand tape the mattress surface and border together to ensure the best quality fit, guaranteeing 10 years of healthy, natural sleep.

it’s convenient for you

it’s convenient for you

We’ve done everything we can to make buying your new mattress as easy and stress-free as possible. Your luxury mattress is delivered free of charge as standard, directly to your bedroom in an easy-to-handle box, ready for you to unpack when you like.

We specifically use a courier who allows you to choose delivery of your mattress at a time and date that suits you. And if you have an old mattress, we offer a free removal service too. This way you can sleep easy knowing your old mattress will be disposed of responsibly.

delivered in a box

luxury bed in a box

Nobody wants to struggle carrying a mattress through a busy house. That’s why we’ve designed our pocket-sprung mattress so it can be delivered directly to the room of your choice. Our traditionally handmade mattresses are the first of their kind to be delivered as a bed in a box, making delivery quick and easy.

Efficient and fuss-free, our conveniently sized box can be tucked away until you’re ready to unpack it. When you’re ready, simply unroll the mattress on the bed. No wrestling it into place, or squeezing it round tight corners. It’s luxury mattress delivery made easy.

100 night free trial

100 nights to sleep on it

We don’t expect you to know if a mattress is the one for you until you’ve slept on it a few times. So instead of only getting a few minutes to lie on a show bed, you can try the herdy®sleep mattress for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re not 100% happy with your new mattress, let us know and we’ll arrange to collect it and issue you a full refund*.

*For full details of your free 100 night trial, please read our Terms & Conditions or get in touch before ordering.

guaranteed for 10 years

a promise from us to you

Every herdy®sleep mattress is handmade by our expert mattress craftspeople. From the fleece that we use to the stitches we sew; each element of our mattress is carefully created to help you wake up bright-eyed and well-rested. We’re so confident in the quality of our mattresses that we offer a 10-year guarantee as standard.

And because all of our mattresses are handmade in the UK, if there ever was a problem we can repair or replace your mattress in no time at all.

responsibly made

being responsible

We’ve chosen to work directly with Herdwick sheep farmers, using only fairly priced and sustainably farmed wool in our luxury mattresses. By using British reared wool, we’re helping to preserve the Herdwick breed and support British agriculture in a meaningful and sustainable way.

We also manufacture our mattresses right here in the UK. Our expert mattress makers coil our herdy®sleep pocket springs in-house, before hand-tufting and taping each mattress to our special sleep surface. This allows us to support British manufacturing and preserve traditional skills, for years to come.

fairly traded wool

fair trade wool

Without the Herdwick sheep, there would be no herdy®sleep, which is why these lovable sheep have always had a special place in our hearts. We’ve always championed the Lakes’ most recognisable residents and we pay our Herdwick farmers a fair price for their fleeces.

This stops fleeces being thrown away or left unused, helping farmers to keep heritage sheep on the Fells where they belong. Wool is a renewable and sustainable source of cosy, breathable, and hypo-allergenic mattress filling, so between herdy®sleep and the Fell farmers of the Lakes, we’ve got a mattress made in heaven.

handmade in the UK

UK made

We’re working hard to keep our impact on the environment low and to support traditional British industries. By using British wool, we’re supporting UK agriculture and, by delivering each mattress as a compressed bed in a box, we’re putting fewer vans on the road. But we haven’t stopped there.

Our Yorkshire mattress makers hand-stitch every mattress and produce almost every component in-house, here in the UK. From creating the pocket springs and padding, to weaving our special herdy®sleep chemical-free fabric covers, we’re keeping delivery trucks off the road and supporting British manufacturing from top to tail.

it’s about years of experience

it’s about years of experience

It takes years of practice to learn to make the perfect mattress, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with one of Yorkshire’s finest makers to create our handmade rollable mattresses. Having made mattresses for over a century, they’ve passed the secrets of a good night’s sleep through their family for generations.

With years of experience, a team of experts, and the finest natural materials , the result can only be something very special. The herdy®sleep mattress is a luxury handmade mattress offering craftsmanship and comfort unmatched in a rollable mattress, ensuring that you wake up with a smile every day.

over 100 years of experience

over 100 years of experience

With over 100 years of experience, our mattress makers create every herdy®sleep mattress in their workshop in Yorkshire. Having created the finest handmade mattresses for over a century, they know the best way to combine the latest in pocket spring technology with a natural wool mattress.

After receiving Herdwick fleece from local farms in the Lake District, they set to work creating a luxurious, traditional hand-taped mattress that’s convenient for you. By combining traditional skills with their industry expertise, we’ve developed the first rollable traditional mattress that can be delivered and unpacked quickly, and easily.

meet the makers

meet the makers

Inside the herdy®sleep workshop, the most skilled people in the industry create each mattress from start to finish. The spring designers design and shape every pocket spring, drawing the wire from steel rods themselves.

Meanwhile the weavers create the unique chemical-free mattress fabric, which is naturally flame retardant and breathable. Combining these with the wool filling produced by the blenders, the tufters and stitchers secure the mattress filling and construct the mattress by hand to ensure quality and comfort for years to come.

Every step of the process is constantly assessed by the lab team, who make sure that every element of every mattress is perfect. It’s the quality craftsmanship offered by the team, and insistence upon perfection that makes every handmade herdy®sleep mattress the perfect way to wake up with a smile.