How does it work?

Sleep on it. And if a herdysleep mattress is not for you, we’ll collect it and give you a full refund.

Frequently asked questions about the trial

When does the 100 night trial start?

The 100 night trial starts from the day that your mattress is delivered to you.

Does the mattress have to stay within the plastic wrap during the trial?

Not at all. We want you to sleep on the mattress as you usually would so there is no need to keep it in the plastic during the trial.

Shouldn’t I test the mattress in person before buying?

It is always difficult to tell if a mattress is right for you by lying on it for a couple of minutes in a showroom. With the herdysleep 100 night trial, you are able to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home! However if you’d like to try it in person first, you can find your nearest retailer here.

Which products are included in the 100 night trial?

The 100 night trial covers the herdysleep mattress in all of the standard mattress sizes. However, if you have ordered a bespoke mattress size, this will not be eligible for the 100 night trial.

Do I still qualify for the trial if I paid using financing?

Of course!

Do I need a receipt when requesting a pickup during the trial?

If you decide that the herdysleep mattress is not right for you within the 100 night trial, simply give our customer service team a call. You do not need your receipt but will need to provide details of your original order.